Questions answered

Q: Do you only work with Real Estate Professionals?

A: Yes.  Our exclusive focus is real estate. That is our specialty. We do not service any other industry. We know, live, and love the business of real estate.  We can support individual salespersons, teams, and brokerages.

Q: What Area Does Red Rover Service for Virtual Services?

A: Red Rover is proud to serve all of Ontario, Canada.  We will be expanding in the future to provide services in other provinces.

Q: What Type of Work Can a Rover VA Do?

A: Types of work included just about anything our VA can do from the comfort of their own home Real Estate Administration (offers, listings, broker loading), Marketing & Advertising (social media and newsletters), Scheduling (suppliers and showings), Communication (cards, emails, and write ups), Ordering (gifts, services) and Organizing (database, parties)

Q: Can Red Rover help in drafting my bio or property description?

A: Yes, we have some excellent Rovers for that.

Q: Can a Rover buy my cards, supplies and stamps?

A: Yes, the Rover can run errands and buy supplies.  We will include the total amount in your invoice.

Q: Does Red Rover outsource overseas?

A: No. We only hire locally.  Thus, avoiding having to overcome any language barriers, dealing with different time zones and fragile tech connections.  Our Rovers are experienced in Ontario Real Estate.

Q: Why should I outsource to Red Rover?

A: Less work for you.  Better organization of your business. More face-to-face time with your clients and more time doing the things you love.

Q: How am I protected?

A: Our Rovers sign non-compete, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements.

Q: What is the difference between virtual ad hoc requests and contracts?

A: Once you send us ad hoc job, we assign it to the Rover readily available.  The job is then worked on and finished in a timely manner, and you will be informed upon completion.  You will be charged a 1 hour minimum for the ad hoc job requested.  For each virtual ad hoc job your Rover is selected on availability and not personal preference if you have a specific Rover in mind. 

If you have a contract with us, you are guaranteed the same Virtual Assistant for the entirety of your contract.  It will be set for a weekly minimum (i.e.:10 hours). 

Q: What is your turnaround time for ad hoc work?

A: If all the information is provided along with a deadline during working hours, we can usually do it the same day.

Q: How Do I Get A VA from Red Rover?

A: This starts with filling out an agent consultation form and booking a discovery call with Red Rover’s founder and co-owner Shana.  We then get to know you, and your business, during the discovery call to better determine how Red Rover can best help you. From there Red Rover’s co-owner Erin, will facilitate the initial meeting(s) with your Rover and organize how communication and work will be done.

Q: How long is a Red Rover contract?

A: A contract is a 3-month minimum.  After that you just need to give one month’s notice. 

Q: Can I pause my contract?

A: You cannot put your Rover contract on hold.  As a rule, in general we do not pause contracts.   As stated in your contract, we require 2 weeks’ notice for any changes or cancellations.  This is our policy which enables us enough time to assign a new contract to the Rover, so they don’t lose any income. 

Q: What if I go away on vacation, can I pause my contract then?

A: Unfortunately, just like Bell or Rogers, you cannot put your Rover on hold while you’re on vacation. However, this is the best time to have an assistant.  Knowing someone is watching your business while you are away enjoying yourself

Q: What is the process of getting a Red Rover Virtual Assistant and how long does it take?

A: Start by making an appointment to learn more about our program.  Once we know more about what you are looking for and how you operate, we will match you with the right Executive Assistant. 

Q: What can my unregistered (unlicensed) virtual assistant do or not do:

A: Unregistered Assistants Do’s:

  • Submit listings and changes to the Multiple Listing Service®
  • Schedule appointments for registrants to show listed properties
  • Type contract forms
  • Distribute listing information to the public
  • Prepare and produce promotional material
  • Set up listing files and complete fact sheet

(The above is not an exhaustive list).

Unregistered Assistants Don’ts:

  • Make cold calls (even if it’s on behalf of a salesperson/broker)
  • Negotiate purchase contracts, listing contracts, rental agreements, or leases
  • Negotiate agreements involving commission, commission split, management fees, or referral fees on behalf of registrant

    Q: Do you have anyone that does cold calls?

    A: No we do not.

    Q: Why should I hire a part-time assistant?

    A: You probably don’t need a full-time assistant and hiring a part time assistant on your own is very difficult as most people need full-time hours and, let’s be honest, most people don’t share so well.  This way you are only paying for a minimum number of hours, and you don’t have an assistant sitting around twiddling their thumbs. 

    Q: Why don’t I just hire an assistant on my own?

    A: So you don’t have to comb through resumes and countless hours of interviews.  Our Rovers are trained and understand the industry: you will have minimal to no time spent on training. In addition, there are no painful payroll taxes, expenses, and processes for you to navigate.

    Q: Why hire through Red Rover?

    A: We hire local experienced Executive Administrators.  Proper support from an entire team. 100% tax deductible.

    Q: Why would I hire for $40/hour when I can hire for less?

    A: First: You get what you pay for!  Second: Hiring on salary costs a lot more than you think in the long term when you consider CPP, EI, holidays, vacation and lastly the time to rehire, and train when you have turnover.

    Q: How am I saving money?

    A: Based on an average Real Estate Professional’s value of $200/hour @ 10 hours of work per week administration costs you $2000 a week.  

    A Rover is $40/hour @ 10 hours a week = $400

    $2000/week of your time vs. $400/week of Red Rover time = $1600 SAVINGS!

    The better question is…What are you going to do with all that extra money on hand?

    Q: What type of Road services does Red Rover offer?

    A: This service includes but is by no means limited to: Picking up keys, installing a lockbox, delivering client gift bags and much more!

    Q: How is travel time calculated?

    A: Door to door for all road work.

    Q: What area does Red Rover service for road work?

    A: Red Rover is proud to service the GTA east through Durham, north through Simcoe & west through Hamilton.  We may be able to do other areas as well.  Just ask!

    Q: What forms of payment do you take?

    A: We prefer e-transfer; however, we will take Visa or Mastercard with an added surcharge.

    Q: How does your cancellation policy work?

    A: A 1 hour fee will apply to cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice and more than 4.  A 2 hour fee will apply to cancellations with less than 4 hours notice.

    Q: How can I become a VA and join Red Rover’s team?

    A: When we are actively hiring, we advertise on Indeed.

    Q: Do you help with tenants and landlords?

    A: Yes, we are more than happy to handle your lease leads, either tenant and/or landlord.  We understand landlords and tenants can be taxing.  As part of your ‘team’, we will take care of the landlord and/or tenant. At the completion of the transaction, we will give you back YOUR very happy client for the future Purchase/Sale.

    This is how it works:

    • You hand us the lead to work with from beginning to end.
    • We do not pay a referral fee, but we work as part of your team as one of your associates or leasing specialists you refer to.
    • We hand back a happy client to buy or sell with you in the future.
    • We have leasing specialists in Toronto, Durham, York, and Simcoe.  We also accommodate requests outside of those areas whenever possible.

    For all lease leads, please send an email to: contact@callredrover.com

    A few notes:

    • We do not generally take short-term leads, but we will consider that on a case-by-case basis.
    • We are a stickler for paperwork.  We sometimes lose people when we ask for their information.
    • Once we take on a lead and talk to them, if we do not feel that they are reasonable in what they are looking for and they will not adjust their search, we may have to let them go.

    All our specialists are very professional and handle all situations with kid gloves.

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    If you can think of it, we can do it!  If we can’t do it, we know someone that can.  Give us a call!