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About Red Rover

Q:What is Red Rover?

A: Red Rover is a full-service Real Estate Assistant company, specializing in virtual administrative assistance.  Red Rover’s team of independent contractors will service all your needs. Our Virtual Rovers are assistants with extensive real estate administrative experience. Requests for assistance can be made easily through our website, call center or by email.

Q:Where is Red Rover?

A: Anywhere in Ontario that you are!

Q:Who is Red Rover?

A: Real estate professionals have relied on Red Rover since 2014 to provide vital and time-sensitive services. We cater to your needs. We provide virtual assistance, road support and licensed services.

Q:What Are The Operating Hours of Red Rover?

A: Red Rover will reply to job requests Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 – 5:00 on weekends/holidays.  Our Rovers operate during the same hours as Real Estate agents.

Q:How will I benefit from hiring Red Rover?

A: Red Rover will:

  • Help you set up your business so you can “run it like a boss
  • Allow you to have more face-to-face time with your current and prospective clients
  • Allow you time to focus on revenue generating tasks 
  • Cover you while you go on vacation and turn off
  • Increase productivity by improving your business and increasing your bottom line
  • Give you peace of mind knowing you and your clients are being taken care of
  • Prevent burn out
  • Offload work that isn’t cost effective for you to do
  • Prevent costly mistakes of a long-term investment hiring full-time employee
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