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Questions Answered

Too busy

– With our help, you will be liberated from the little things, you won’t be too busy to make business decisions.

Time isn’t right

– If you are on this site you likely

  • Don’t have an assistant
  • Are not organized
  • Don’t have time to get organized and grow your business
  • Because you are spending too much time on administrative tasks
  • When you could be using your time at $$/hour doing more prospecting and relationship building?

I’m thinking of hiring my wife/nephew/veterinarian’s boyfriend’s niece as my assistant.

Who is going to train them? It takes at least 6 months to get an inexperienced assistant on their feet
Have you trained in the past?  Is this in your wheelhouse?

I’m thinking of hiring from one of those overseas companies.

It’s your call, but you may experience difficulties with:
– language barrier
– time zone differences
– fragile tech connections and frequent power outages in worker’s home country
– worker inexperience in the Ontario/Toronto real estate market.
–  Remember: you get what you pay for!

Too expensive

What is your time worth?  $100/hour, $150, $200?
Should you be spending your valuable time doing computer work or paperwork?
– Should you be spending your valuable time face to face with your clients and building your business?

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