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There are so many ways Red Rover can help.  The benefits are endless. 

Why Outsource?

Less Administration

Less Training

Better organization

More face to face with clients = more $$$

Why Not Do My Own Hiring?

No combing through resumes

Doing interviews

Lots of training and retraining

Painful payroll taxes etc...

Why Hire a Part Time Assistant?

You don’t need a full time assistant

Only pay for the hours you truly require

So you don’t have to share

Why Choose Red Rover?

We hire local experienced professionals

Proper support from an entire team tailor matched to you

100% tax deductible

The Red Rover team is just the best. They have come to my aid many times, often very last minute and I'm so grateful to them. Every Rover I've had... read more

Claudio Cerrito

Red Rover was super helpful. They were prompt, professional and reasonable. I will definitely use them again!

Sandra Pate

When I need support for showings I always call Red Rover! I've relied on Shana and her team for years and they are responsive and reliable, always! I trust them... read more

Sebastien Rahman

First rate service. I use them often.

Duncan Fremlin

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We’ve Got You Covered

A Rover works as part of your team to help with daily admin or road work to free up your valuable time. A Rover is a cost-effective way to get the added support you require.  So use us as much or as little as you need. We are licensed and unlicensed Real Estate Professionals. We only use local people. We do not outsource overseas.

Address : Ontario

Phone : 1-855-733-7683

Email : contact@CallRedRover.com